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Personal Task Manager 1.0

Personal Task Manager 1.0: Personal time tracker. Specify only what you are working on now, PTM does the re Personal Task Manager (PTM) is a personal time tracker system that allows you to simply say what you are working on now, and PTM generates the time sheet for you automatically. Tasks for work in the past is easily added. The data is stored on your computer with start and end times, enabling the system to balance your work sheet automatically.

Project Clock Pro 9.13: Easy to use project time tracking and time billing software
Project Clock Pro 9.13

time that would usually be missed. Project Clock Pro can be accessed by multiple people over a network and has a custom reporting feature and a time sheet entry form. The many included reports summarize all recorded project time in the indicated time period. Save time by entering time just once and invoicing electronically. Bill clients with the simple invoicing feature. You can track project estimates and expenses with the project management features

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Universal Project Manager Enterprise 1.1.2: UniProjectMan is a complete project and customer relation management system
Universal Project Manager Enterprise 1.1.2

sheet, resouce planning, inventory control, individual calendar of events, document control, customer and vendor relation management. You can use UniProjectMan as desktop application as web based system at your web server.This progham is unique in that it provides full tracking of project expenditures and jobs, materials and money in your company. After entering information, you can now take advantage of features such as - simple intuitive interface

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Free CSS Toolbox 1.2: Free productivity software for web developers who work with CSS code.
Free CSS Toolbox 1.2

Free CSS Toolbox is a freeware productivity software for web developers who work with CSS code. Free CSS Toolbox includes a number of tools for fast-tracking and enhancing the development of style sheet code, such as an advanced CSS Formatter, CSS Validator and CSS Code Compressor. If you develop websites that use CSS, the Free CSS Toolbox can help you save time and increase productivity without any cost.

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Kids piano repeat 09: New research suggests that piano and voice lessons may give 6-year-olds an intel
Kids piano repeat 09

New research suggests that piano and voice lessons may give 6-year-olds an intellectual edge. KIDS PIANO web sites - Sponsored Listings. Associated Sites Free Music Sheet Stand OnStage Orchestra Style Music Stand Participate Now Get It Free!. The Piano Education Page review of Kids Piano Discovery software. This awesome page is only for kids! You can listen to the Taz-man, jump to other cool places, time travel to meet a famous composer or pianis

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